Monitoring with NGeniusPulse for bandwidth Capabilities

Using nGeniusPulse to verify your remote bandiwdth

nGeniusPULSE from Netscout uses active, synthetic testing to verify the availability and performance of the applications and services your users need. I’ve found that trusting the capabilities of your remote site networks requires verification and validation.

We can do this using the Netscout nGeniusPulse platform to run customized remote tests. In this example, uncovering that the automated tests performed between nPoints at branch offices and the site iPerf servers uncovered a few locations where the bandwidth being delivered to the locations did not meet the contracted speeds!

Application Performance Management for Google Cloud Platform with Netscout

Use Netscout Smart Data in any Hybrid Cloud Environment

It offers pervasive visibility in the Google Cloud Platform to monitor East‐West and North‐South (E/W N/S) traffic environment. In this way it is suitable for monitoring any software architecture and especially microservices, since it continuously monitors and analyzes traffic data exchanges between workloads. image description Figure 1: vSTREAM™ Supports Your Container Deployments

From Performace to Security is Enabled

Using indexing and correlation, you will see the information you need to identify dependencies and actionable intelligence on security threats and vulnerabilities, as well as performance issues!