Developing an App for the Apple iPad Suggestions for the SDK and opensource application developers

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How do I get started developing an app for the Apple iPad?
It is simple easy to start-you apply to the developer program and with a $99 subscription per year you get access to the full SDK and a developer key to synchonize your apps to a iPad and you also get the iPad simulator so you can test and develope your app without the hardware!

So how much does it cost to get started?
Well if you have a keyboard, mouse and a monitor all you need is an Apple Mac Mini to begin your development work. The Mac Mini is the computer you will install the SDK on and with a DVi monitor you will have a full desktop experience.

So here's your shopping list:
Mac Mini

Mini-DVI adapter cable so you can use your DVI monitor:

If you have a VGA monitor you need this adapter:

And Finally sign up for the developer program on apple's website:
Start Developing Your iPad Apps

And if this all seems like TOO much just to get your feet wet in the scene, check out the open source framework:
PhoneGap which is an open source development tool for building fast, easy mobile apps with JavaScript. The site includes a simulator written in Adobe AIR!

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