LL-T1803 H Review of Sharp LCD Panel

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I bought an 18" Sharp LCD panel. Based on the 15" I already own I decided to check out this form factor. Photos to follow.

Getting late, I'll update this later.

Ok, I've tested the video, and gaming on it. The model seems to be at least a year old, there is a new model in the 18" market niche, BUT I only paid $489.

Missing from the box was a standard three conductor computer AC cord. Make sure you have one of those on hand. Also missing DVI interface cable which I wanted to test with my Abit Siluro 128MB Ti4200.

I'll order one Monday. The built in auto configure support for the LCD display work well enough. The image at 1280 x 1024 is much roomier than the 1024 x 768 native I was used to on the Sharp 15".

I noticed this morning a flicker like noise interference, just removed the NVRefresh tool and trying a reboot. Didn't fix it, but playing with the Phase and clock cleared it up.
After trying this I went back to autoconfigure and everything looks great.

With DVI this shouldn't be a problem.

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Kenneth said:

I bought the Sharp LL-T1803H 18.1" LCD Monitor here prompt delivery and excellent service. This was the second Sharp LCD panel I ordered from Insight.

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