The Review of the Sharp LL-T15G3

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I'm posting this as a separate follow up to my initial comments on the Sharp LL-T15G3 which in my opinion is a superlative LCD display at the <$300 price point. I was able to find it for $273; your mileage may vary. See the Sharp Page


  • Sharp Bright Display

  • Mounting Hole's For Multi-Display Stands/Arms also known as "Free-mounting VESA interface"

  • Internal AC/DC converter means less desk clutter

  • Auto Calibrate Timing works within 5 seconds

  • Gain Control Less Than 7 Seconds

  • Color supports Vivid, Standard and sRGB

  • Pixel Response is excellent for Video Playback


  • Games show a slight 'stutter' on fast levels (512x384 rocks, 1024x768 is where you notice the pixel response) CRT's are fastest right now

  • No DVI input

  • No Speakers

  • Does Not Pivot for Vertical Display

The performance I saw playing Quake3 was more than acceptable for a casual gamer. Which I consider myself. The lack of vertical support is offset by the mounting brackets. If you want to do multi-headed work, buy the support hardware and you can support vertical orientation with current nvidia drivers like this for instance:
incorporates monitor pivots on a freestanding, minimum footprint base
I think I got more than my money's worth, and at this price point, would consider adding an additional panel in the furture.

15" LL-T15G3 H/B Sharp LCD 15-inch (viewable) LCD Monitor with 0.8 Megapixel (1024x768) resolution, pixel pitch of 0.297mm, brightness of 260 nits, contrast ratio of 350:1, viewing angles of 160 horizontal and 150 vertical, 50,000 hour (typical) backlight.
15.0" TFT XGA 16.19 million colors with FRC 50,000 hour long- lasting backlights Brightness: 260 CD/M(2), Contrast 350:1 Power Consumption: 33W Viewing angle: 160/150 Free-mounting VESA interface

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Kenneth said:

Good news, they fixed everything last week. I got the unit via FedEx and it works as good as new. Tech support was very nice when I called and gave me all the details to send the unit back to them their cost.

Lesson Learned, Don't throw away your shipping container for an LCD monitor you may need it.

Kenneth said:

The LL-t15G3B failed in September. The image is viewable but contains half the vertical lines. I think it is skipping the odd or even rows. I'll post a pic later, but basically I was planning on 2 years use and I didn't quite get that. Caveat Emptor, I found the box. And contacted Sharp to find it is under a 3 year warranty for parts and labor, I just sent it back they paid the fed ex shipping. Fingers crossed!

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